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Owner Carl Huben goes back to the future

After 20+ years of running a full-service restaurant, chef/owner Carl Huben decided to take a hiatus, and rethink the restaurant business.  He came to the revelation that getting back to basics, would become his primary focus.  This focus would lead him to America’s most basic and popular food item - the hamburger! After sampling other burgers, Carl was determined to offer his unique perspective on exactly what the all-American hamburger should taste like, which led him to create the Olde 37 Patio & Grill.  Using locally sourced, grass-fed beef as the centerpiece of his menu, the beginnings of an amazing restaurant was born.  Come taste the unique difference in taste that burgers from Olde 37 Patio & Grill has to offer.  From flame-grilling the burgers, to selecting a better bun, every detail of the menu has been improved vs. your standard fare.  Check out our menu, for more details. We’re looking forward to your visit.  Explore this site for ‘in the news’, events, our menu and more! Carl Huben
Grass-fed Beef What is grass-fed beef you may ask?  Simply stated, it is a steer that is free to roam and graze in the pastures.  They are never grain-fed, and are hormone-free and antibiotic-free.   This results in healthier and stress-free steer. Why is this important?  The main reason is taste!  Grass-fed beef has a ‘beefier’ and more natural flavor, but is also leaner and healthier for the customer.  High in omega-3 fatty acids, grass-fed beef is a tastier alternative. Olde 37 Patio & Grill sources their premium, grass- fed beef from Josef Meiller Slaughter House and Farm, possibly the finest available grass-fed beef in our region.
25 ROUTE 37 · NEW FAIRFIELD, CT · 203-746-3700
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Monday-Saturday, 11am-9pm;  Sunday, 11am-8pm